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Gosia and Eddy moved to Poland back in 2009 to escape the rat race and build their dream and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Their vision to build a straw bale house was realised over the next five years, alongside the development of small scale organic farm.

The house was built to become an agritourist destination, but as children filled the rooms and our herd of goats increased our best laid plans fell by the roadside.

As we stepped into the world of green products, as part of our sustainable living mantra, we soon realised that a premium had to be paid if you wanted to do less harm to the environment and so we started down the path of making as much as we could by ourselves, and so began Gosias journey in making soaps. Now hardly a day goes by that Gosia isn’t in her workshop practicing the alchemy of soap making or blending pure ingredients into a cream.

Using natural and sustainable products whenever possible Gosia now makes a wide range of soaps, creams and other cosmetics, whilst Eddy strives to feed his family from the land as much as nature and hard work permit, selling the surplus and providing a steady supply of goats milk and cheese to regular customers, including Gosia for her soaps.

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The full range of soaps

For the face

Creams, oils, hydrolats and lip balms

For the body

Creams, scrubs, peelings and deodorants.

For the bath

Bath bombs and crocheted exfoliating clothes

For someone else

Gift sets

For the environment

Handmade alternative solutions for household items

You can download a price list for 2020 here.

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