Wild boar, electricity, water and reasons not to chase cars

As we focus on having the cooking range built, supplying bricks, cement (two sand, one clay) and occasionally having to dismantle old furniture for the hardboard to create an arch, we have moved along with the laths for the soffit and picked up the tin sheet ready to fit; it looks straight forward enough, except for the corners! Whilst all this goes on it’s easy to forget the other events that bring a smile to my face.

If you are unfortunate enough to have notifications turned on on  Facebook and I’m your friend then you probably know the the wild boar came to visit us the other night and left a good patch of land turfed up as they searched for something tasty; this happened in the orchard about 100 meters away from the stable where we are living so it went unnoticed  by us and apparently by the dogs! You hear all sorts of stories about the wild boar around the village and often warned of how dangerous they can be, which is what I was thinking about when I took the dogs for a walk the next evening. ‘make sure you take a good big stick with you, or even a knife, just in case, you never know’ at which point I heard the thundering steps of wild animals coming towards me through the long grass, not sure what to expect I braced myself and called the dogs, on the off chance they might come to my rescue! Of course they arrived in a split second, as the noise of charging animals was the dogs, in hot pursuit of a small white cat!

We have waited for over a year for electricity, we first applied in August 2011 in fact, but a series of unfortunate events and red tape (Poland and Bureaucracy are synonymous), we are still looking at Christmas before we can turn the lights on in the new house! We have a temporary supply in the old house from which we have run a 30m extension lead to the barn and stable (home), which has served its purpose, but today we rolled up this lead for the last time as our friendly electrician scaled the electricity pole and hooked us up on an overhead line, moved the meter and put in something called a fuse or trip switch. Hooray, at last I can cut through a cable without fear of death Smile

We have also waited for over six months for a company to turn up to drill our borehole; several excuses, missed calls, unread messages and the like drove us to look for an alternative. The first said we would have to wait until January and then it would only be possible if the temperature hasn’t dropped too much (it was -37 last January). The second arrived yesterday to asses the land. As they arrived in their Turbo charged, inter-cooled, 16v, four wheel drive with enough spot lights to hold a football match and a winch to pull down buildings; I started to worry. One of the two chaps rushed off the the woods whilst the second came to chat with Gosia, although he did have some English, Italian and Portuguese; he could have said anything as I leave the talking to Gosia Smile Thinking the first bloke must have had a good curry the night before, or lots of tea, I was surprised to see him return with a ‘Y’ shaped branch of hazel. Of course he was looking for water, how silly of me not to realise. Sure enough he strolled around with the branch in both hands and the hazel reacted and pointed towards the ground and he declared that we should drill here! Now I’m normally sceptical about things (really) but I still remember an event when I was about 10 or 11 years old and I found water with two ‘L’ shaped iron or steel rods, so I was (am) willing to take his word for it. I was offered the twig to try myself, with no luck, but then the guy held onto my arm and sure enough the hazel went south, no matter how hard I tried to hold onto it; strange but true! But even more amazing than  that, they are drilling for water in ten days time Winking smile Mind you without electricity…

What happens when you have an inbuilt desire to chase cars? You get run over. Unfortunately Scooby (our recently acquired rescue(d) dog) doesn’t understand English, or Polish for that matter. So after repeated calls for him to stop he finally made contact with the electricians car as he drove off last night. I did worry as I heard the yelp and continued whining as the barking abruptly stopped during his pursuit of the van up the track, but a quick inspection showed no blood or protruding bones, just a limping dog. It is also clear today no permanent damage was done as he only limps when observed; especially when we are eating and a snack is possible, or of course affection and sympathy, which Gosia doles our in buckets for the poor wounded soldierSmile.  Jealous, me, no, well not so much that I’d jump in front of a car.

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  1. I’ve always wondered about dowsing for water. I tried it with a couple of ‘L’ shaped clothes hangers. Walked a straight line and sure enough they crossed at a certain point…that’s where I dug and struck water. But I also struck water at every post hole I dug to erect a deer fence. Water was there all over. Looking at my place with ‘google earth’, there’s a long drainage of which my property is a part. Other people in my little area go dry in the summer, so I’m very happy with where I live.

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