What and Why?

The two questions that have floated around in my head over the last few days, what to blog next and why am I blogging; but of course, as usual, I’m over complicating things. All I have to do is answer the second question and the first is no longer applies!

However as I mulled over these two questions I have read quite a few blogs, trying to find others out there doing a similar things, like-minded people so to speak, that I can share experiences with and no doubt pick up some much needed advice on the way (you know who you are, get in touch) and the one thing that I have found is it’s not as easy as you would think. Given the search categories that are provided I could only opt for ‘nature’ or maybe ‘crafts’ but as you can imagine this provides me with a long list to find my niche in. It could be that this is done on purpose by the powers that be, so that you stumble upon things that you might not have done otherwise; which I have to say has indeed happened to me, or is it simply to make it simple? Incidentally, besides all the great gardening, permaculture and self sufficiency blogs that I have found I stumbled upon beetleypete who has a host of fascinating stories to tell, as well as a few opinions he has to share; check him out just make sure you’re not eating when you read some of the Ambulance stories!

So why am I blogging? Well I was inspired by my Uncle Charlie who suggested I should keep a diary; he made the suggestion as we went through a box of family history that he has accumulated over the years, amongst them my Grandfathers diary’s from the 1920’s onwards. Even though they didn’t always go into great detail, sometimes they did, they still became a point of reference and on reflection very interesting reading. I hope to have the opportunity to read them in more detail one day. So when we made the move to Poland I set myself the task of writing a diary in Microsoft Outlook, this lasted about two weeks and with my recent laptop crash it may as well of not happened at all! But a blog, now you’re talking, you get to keep a diary, with photos, it won’t get lost if you PC crashes and on top of all that you can get some feedback and gratification from seeing that people are reading your musings; the last item may be a little egotistical or even self indulgent, but who doesn’t appreciate encouragement every now and again?

This all leads me onto the events of the last few days, the reason for this blog after all!

As you may have gathered we are starting to slip into a winter routine, splitting our time between Rzemien and Pstrongowa, dictated by the fact that we love a good Sunday lunch cooked by Gosias mum and that I am now teaching English as a native speaker every Tuesday; so it follows that from Sunday morning to Tuesday evening we have the opportunity to sleep in a bed made for two, in a house with heating, a bath with taps and running water and god forbid a flushing toilet!! But whilst we both enjoy these luxuries its always good to get back to our home and on arrival this morning (OK we had an extra night in a comfy bed) we went back to fitting the soffit. The weather is starting to change now and whilst the wind has abated the temperature is dropping and out fingers worked hard today on the top of the scaffold, eventually giving into the cold at about 4pm with only the north wall to complete. I noticed the sun goes down behind a different hill now.

Mind you as we worked on the house it seemed like a good idea to fire up the piec to get some heat generated and get the bread oven ready for action at the end of the month. So it seemed like a good idea to use some of that heat to cook a good traditional shin of beef stew, cooked in the finest polish beer we could lay our hands on; Harnas at 1.79 pln or 35p in old money; cooked for over 5 hours it was delicious.

Dogs walked, fire on, quick journey to Steve and Dorotas to borrow a mouse for the laptop (thank you), heat water, eat food, feed dogs, read book, have bath, check blog, look at the sky and wish I was more into astronomy, realise Gosia is asleep, read some more, write a new blog entry,  load up the fire in the hope we can keep the temperature above double figures over night, read through the post once more time to make sure there are plenty of mistakes to amuse you (Benita) and go to bed: Good Night.

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