I once read an article about the concept of time and whilst I don’t have it to hand I seem to remember the premise of the discussion.

The old saying that time fly’s when you are having fun is based around the fact that you lose sense of the reality of time as you are preoccupied with whatever it is that you are doing. On the other hand if you are bored, with little to fill your time, then time drags as you are forever conscious of time as you have little else to think about.

Oddly enough if you reflect upon the past and you have filled that time with interesting and eventful events then your concept of time is lengthened, in that you can rely on the event markers you have to give you a true concept of time past; even to the point that you may think that something happened longer ago than it actually did. Quite the opposite if you don’t have these markers and your life has followed a more humdrum path; as Pink Floyd put it ‘And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you’ and that’s just it, time past goes faster, even if it was slow at the time it happened!

So what’s my point? Well it’s only loosely connected, a tenuous link so to speak; I just haven’t had the time to blog! Not to mention read, comment or like on many of the blogs that I normally follow, not that any of these are mundane, it just the house is taking over 🙂

So don’t be surprised if my format changes a little; it may become more of a diary of events reflected on a weekly basis, which may be as unexciting as ‘the lilac tree is flowering’ or ‘I emptied the toilet again’ who knows? I keep taking the photos; I just don’t get the time to write about it.

After all one of the reasons I started to blog is because I was no good at keeping a diary; the added impetus of sharing my thoughts has so far kept me going, views, follows, comments and likes all play their part in motivating me to continue; the vanity of blogging I guess? So be warned or relieved that from now on I may only be posting once a week and hopefully without rambling on too much 🙂 And apologies if Poland doesn’t pop up in your stats as often, I try to read as and when I can, normally when I’m eating, so comments may be thin on the ground 🙂

‘And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking, racing around to come up behind you again’

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  1. I’m impressed with how you are handling it all right now. Building a house, planting your land, thinking about livestock…blogging on top of it all. I doubt if any of your readers will criticize you for not commenting enough…although I have to confess, I DO like to see Poland pop up. 🙂
    I’ve been meaning to ask how you water all those crops? Do you depend on rain or irrigation?

    • Hi Pat and thanks, I confess to enjoying having Sundays off; I don’t think we could keep up the work rate otherwise 🙂
      All watering is done by hand and nature, although it’s the kitchen garden that gets this treatment, the top field is left to fend for itself, other than the initial watering of the plants when they first go in. As it’s a clay soil it seems to hold onto the moisture quite well and even though we have had no significant rain now for almost two weeks you don’t have to go too deep to find moisture.

  2. You blog how you feel mate. We won’t worry about lack of Polish markers, or think you don’t like us anymore! Summer is here, and there are other things on your Winko agenda besides blogging. As for your ‘diary’ intentions, why not? I started out the same, and like you, got caught up in the posting mania, and the outpourings of the years.Time does go though, take it from someone substantially older. You wake up one day and you are 60, and you have to struggle to recall where it all went. That’s my blog in a nutshell- where it all went! Cheers Eduardo, Pete.

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