The romance is dead

As I stoked up the fire this morning to get the stable above 10 degrees and opted for bottled water in the kettle instead of heading outside to the well, I remembered that I should have emptied the toilet yesterday. As you know I’m normally quite enthusiastic about the task, happy to share the event with you all, telling you how it can change the world, save the planet and bring world peace. But this morning, with temperatures outside hovering around 0 and a light snow backed by 15-20 km winds I’m longing for an indoor flushing toilet!

Of course by my second cup of tea the inevitable moment is getting closer, although I have considered waiting until later this afternoon when we visit friends with modern facilities, I can’t stop thinking of the old saying’ why do today what you can put off until tomorrow’; but I’ve already done that once!

Not to worry, hat on, head down and lets get on with it; less that five minutes later and the task is completed along with the emptying of the two household composting buckets. It’s worth mentioning that this is an essential part of the whole process. You must compost your humanure along with your other compost items; veg trimmings and the like, its all needed to make the process work. You can add pretty much anything to the pile that has an organic origin; just make sure you make a recess in the pile, add your ‘whatever’ and cover it back up again. The heat haze above the pile was noticeable this morning, so I know that things are happening as they should; I even stopped and warmed my hands a little πŸ™‚

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