Teabags, Marmite and mustard

The three things that any food wholesaler should be importing into Poland, because try as I might I can’t find them, not even in Tesco; I’d like to make it clear that Tesco was a last resort as I hold them and many other supermarkets responsible for the demise of country life and community, so I avoid them whenever possible (I’m sure I’ll post about it one day).

So it comes down to three things, three things that I crave and need in order to make a life in Poland, and if I ever found myself on that famous Radio 4 island and had to narrow it down to just one, it would be teabags; English teabags, strong teabags, teabags that turn the water a mahogany colour, not some insipid dishwater shade of grey. I think it’s a conspiracy by the Scottish company of Lipton not to make a proper English teabag as their brand dominates much of Europe, depriving me, an Englishman; nay a Yorkshireman, of a decent cup of tea!

But don’t worry, I came prepared, several visits over the years before our final migration readied me for the future and 1200 teabags, 5 jars of Marmite and an assortment of English mustards made the journey with us.

However if you are heading this way then spare me a thought and a little space in your suitcase and pop in a few spare teabags 🙂

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  1. with all respect but Polish mustards are way better than any English one, and in Polish shops you have so many different variations…hahahha.

  2. Despite my Southern ways, we also have Yorkshire Tea tea-bags, the hard water variety. I’m not a Marmite fan but I do like some mustard occasionally. It is interesting to think what I would miss most, if I ever moved from England. I like a ‘Fat Rascal’ cake at Taylor’s in York, but don’t get there often enough to miss it that much. I didn’t like pie and mash really, and I’m not bothered about fish and chips either. So, being English, what I would miss most, has to be a good Chinese meal! Keep the faith Eddy. Regards, Pete.

  3. Thart rite there lad .I must have English teabags P G tips or Yorkshire tea And i must have Engish mustard with beef,sausages and lver You will get plenty next August from the English contingent Uncle Cgharlie

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