Naay watther

Or if you’re not lucky enough to be Yorkshireman, ‘no water’ Even the guys drilling are loosing faith, or they were until this evening when after 4 hours of pumping water from a very deep hole, which is no more than 30 meters deep (I say this for legal reasons) they came across what could […]


Well I’ve done Fire and Air so why not Water! So this was the week we drilled for water, well not me and Gosia; Pawel and Krzysiek, the Studnia (well diggers) And even then they don’t use spades any more, oh no, they turn up in a big truck with drilling gear. If you have […]

On Air

As we don’t have a TV or even a laptop that plays DVDs at the moment, we listen to the radio for our light entertainment. Trojka is our station of choice, but as you would expect much of the commentary is lost on me as it’s in Polish, mind you the music is predominantly English […]


Don’t  panic, not A fire, but THE fire; or should I say the ‘goat’. We returned to the ranch on Tuesday after a relaxing time back in Rzemien and the weather has turned into what could only be described as British; thick fog, still air and drizzle. I was hoping for something a little colder […]

Watch out, beavers about!

That’s beavers, not beadles 🙂 (sorry this only works for UK readers over a certain age). After the reintroduction of beavers to the forest near Rzemien, local land owners; especially those growing trees, have had to deal with a new problem. Unauthorised and premature felling of trees! Even though they were introduced in the middle of a 15 square km forest  with […]


Preparation for next years kitchen garden.

Pan Hilary and szadz

A good Polish title, although not one that makes sense even if you speak Polish! Gosia has a new name for me, Pan Hilary, and all because I cant remember where my glasses are, even, as was the case earlier today; when I’m wearing them! It refers to a childrens story about a man who looses his […]

What and Why?

The two questions that have floated around in my head over the last few days, what to blog next and why am I blogging; but of course, as usual, I’m over complicating things. All I have to do is answer the second question and the first is no longer applies! However as I mulled over […]

Back on the ranch, no Skype or email, but we have a bath

So after nine days back in Rzemien to respect the ‘All Saints’ holiday and let me fit in two English teaching days, we headed back to the ranch with the intention of ‘getting things done’. Easier said than done it seems as our enthusiasm wanes along with the sun. We did manage to clear most […]

Knife crime!

As you walk down the streets of many of the rural villages at this time of the year you will be surprised by the number of people carrying knives; not just young people, but middle-aged and even pensioners, all brandishing a variety of sharpened cutlery. Now if this were England then the local constabulary would have […]

Piec off!… then on again, then off again, then on……..

It’s the moment you have all being waiting for, the highlight of the month (as long as I post it on time) the pinnacle of my blog so far, the post that will push my readership up to at least three if not four.You will notice how I have built up the tension, mentioned the […]

The romance is dead

As I stoked up the fire this morning to get the stable above 10 degrees and opted for bottled water in the kettle instead of heading outside to the well, I remembered that I should have emptied the toilet yesterday. As you know I’m normally quite enthusiastic about the task, happy to share the event […]

Wild boar, electricity, water and reasons not to chase cars

As we focus on having the cooking range built, supplying bricks, cement (two sand, one clay) and occasionally having to dismantle old furniture for the hardboard to create an arch, we have moved along with the laths for the soffit and picked up the tin sheet ready to fit; it looks straight forward enough, except […]

Windows 16

I thought I would try and get ahead of Microsoft and announce the release  of Windows 16, that is we had 16 windows installed yesterday and what a difference it makes. However as you would expect from any new release there are problems, notably with the picture! The light, the perspective, the depth of field […]

Not a bad week at all

Back from our mini break on Wednesday it was hard to get back into the swing of things, so we decided to do a spot of gardening; a bit of strimming, a bit of digging, pulling out some old roots with the tractor, chopping down a few dead or unwanted trees….all very relaxing. Then our […]

Tales from the village

Believe them or not, everybody has a tail to tell and todays story of sheep transported via the local bus service compelled me to let you know about the best I’ve heard yet. Regarding the sheep, I did enquire if they went half or full fare; but of course they went free as they where […]