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As we don’t have a TV or even a laptop that plays DVDs at the moment, we listen to the radio for our light entertainment. Trojka is our station of choice, but as you would expect much of the commentary is lost on me as it’s in Polish, mind you the music is predominantly English and the mix covers a wider range of genres than anything you would ever find in the UK; for instance this weeks album of the week is Led Zeppelin Live in London (Celebration Day)

As you would expect there is also quite a bit of discussion, current affairs and the like, but other than asking for the occasional translation when I have picked up on the subject matter, the radio becomes background noise; that is unless Gosia starts to laugh as happened last night. Apparently they had had a brief discussion about technology and the new gloves that you can wear in cold weather and still use you smart phone; very important in Poland as cold weather and smart phones are very common. The discussion was followed by a phone in and the first caller explained how he managed to get round the particular problem of using his smart phone whilst wearing gloves; ‘ I keep a frankfurter in my pocket, if works just like a naked finger on my smart phone and if I get hungry I can always eat it!’

You can’t beat the Polish for invention 🙂


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