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After struggling to find the time to write a post I found a ‘saved in drafts’ (great blog by the way) and thought I could quickly publish it with a few witty comments to try and make up for my lack of attention to blogging.

After a quick edit and spell check I thought I had posted it, only to find this evening that it has gone missing! And despite my best efforts to find a temporary copy lurking on my laptop, it appears to be gone forever 🙁

Without the time or energy to rewrite it I will surmise the entry as a ‘how to’ germinate chilli’s and making sure you get them in pots on your windowsill any time now; it will save you money and you and up with three products; Fresh Chilli, Chilli Flakes and, if you have the patience, Cayenne pepper (made from the ground seeds). I’ll try and rewrite it when I convince my sister that she should have a few plants going on her windowsill, even if there not likely to make it outside in the fickle Yorkshire summer.

So what’s happening, why no posts, no replies to comments, very little reading of your posts? All I can say is I have entered into a life of servitude, I am not only the chief cook and bottle washer, you could also add baker, cleaner, plumber, driver, shopper, electrician, mechanic, wood cutter, fire starter, recycler and all round handyman 🙂 I just don’t have the time! That’s not strictly true, but by putting this down in my blog I’ll find out if my sister is reading it and if I never blog again then call the police and tell them to search for a shallow grave in the Dales:)

I have a little bit of work lined up, helping my nephew out with some dry stone walling at Bolton Abbey, so another feather in my cap if it comes about; although I hope the weather improves a bit first!

Ok, that’s it for now, I did manage to get some photos today which I hope to post soon, but I don’t want to post too much now just in case this one disappears as well 🙂

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  1. Your ‘lost’ post appeared for me, but it was dated as posted in January (presumably when you first drafted it). Was that the problem? Anyway, I left a ‘like’ on it so hopefully you’ve seen that and know it’s out there somewhere. How long are you in God’s Own County for?

    • Thanks Tyke, that makes sense now; cheers!
      In the county for as long as I can afford; my sister isn’t in good health so the longer I can stay, whilst building is on hold, the better. Actively seeking work to sustain myself; so if you hear of anything 🙂 I may be out your way next week if you fancy a pint?

      • A pint would be great. I’ll be home Monday/Tuesday – at work in York Wed and possibly Thursday till late afternoon, then back in Menston Thurs eve, Friday and the weekend.

  2. I was starting to wonder if the beavers had felled a tree on you 🙂 well, your work is varied, which is good of you can avoid the shallow grave. When your finished at Bolton, I’ve got an unfinished dry stone wall we started 3 years ago. As many choc and fennel biscuits as you like…. 😉

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