Home alone

Well not so much alone, but without Gosia. That’s right, she has left me! I know its hard to believe after all these years, the ups, the downs, the dreams we shared, the plans we made.

How could she do it, where has she gone?

Holland, that’s where, to earn some money to keep me in the lifestyle I have become accustomed to:)

At this point I should explain that Gosia was starting to get cabin fever back here in Rzemien with little to do, and decided it was time to find some work to help fund our next stage of building. And when Gosia decides to do something she does it; so after a few phone calls, a couple of CV’s and a visit to and agency to check on her English speaking abilities, she was offered a job in Holland.

So on Friday morning I drove her to an awaiting couch and waved goodbye to the best half of me and sent her off to the Land of the Nethers.

Phone and Skype updates are coming in thick and fast and it seems that everything is ok, accommodation is shared, but spacious and modern with heating and internet thrown in for good measure. Bikes are provide for the 3Km trip to work, the beach is about the same distance away and the town has a flourishing Turkish market; so fruit and veg are in cheap abundance. So I expect a super fit and healthy Gosia on her return:), whenever that may be.

So as you will imagine my Polish is improving fast, well not that fast, but it’s improving; I have no choice now that my translator has gone to a better paid job and I live in a Polish speaking household. But it has also spurred me on to try and get a bit more work as a English native speaker, although so far no positive responses back from my enquiries.

Of course I also open to going to Holland if Gosia can find me work, but only having the one language could be my downfall, so it may be back to the UK to see if the job market has improved at all.

Or I could just relax, stay calm and carry on. I’m heading over to the house tomorrow if the temperature stays above -5°c in the hope that I can get stuck into some work, at least it will stop me feeling guilty 🙂


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  1. Your Polish will get better by default, and you will miss Gosia, and appreciate her a lot more on her return. Is Gosia a common name there Eddy? The volunteer coordinator for Norfolk Fire Brigade is a Polish girl, also called Gosia. Are you sure she went Dutch? Cheers mate. Pete.

    • You’re right Pete, absence makes the heart grow fonder and I’m looking forward to her return already; but only once she has earned me some more beer money!
      Gosia is short for Malgorzata (could be spelt wrong) and is translated to Margaret, and yes it seems to be a common name. One of the restaurants where Gosia worked had four Gosias, so they became Gosia, Maggy, Mags and Margaret. My Gosia was Mags, but it was confusing when I called on the phone and asked to speak to Gosia as I could end up with one of four women! Lucky me
      I hope the volunteer work is going well.
      Cheers Eddy

  2. oh Eddy thats shocking!! why didn’t she come to Jersey? ha ha maybe you should come over and look after Gabriella? hope you ok, if you need any help with locals let me know. Hope you not visiting Zabek’s shop too often….

    • As I said to Gosia, how can I keep drinking beer if we have run out of money, so I’m glad she found some work 🙂 Only kidding, missing her loads already.
      I think she would have loved to come and see you and Gabriella. Try and get her on Skype, she sometimes gets on during the day.

  3. I’m sorry! But hopefully it will be good, which city did she go to (in the west probably)? I regrettably left the Netherlands yesterday for Russia, otherwise I might meet her!

  4. The ten day forecast is good for about a day, and then it all changes again! Yes Gosias parents are retired, but it’s a full time job for looking after me 🙂 and the rest of the family. Gosias father does work in the summer to earn a little extra beer money and to help us out with bricks and clay (he works in a brick factory) so we have a low cost supply chain.
    It’s full time keeping warm, another reason why I will miss Gosia, no one to snuggle up to 🙂

  5. I just looked at your 10 day weather forecast. When the temp gets back up to 0 (Tuesday or Wednesday) its forecast to snow! Are Gosia’s parents retired? What do people do in a small town when it gets that cold? You’re going to miss your sweetheart.

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