For the face

Forever changing temperatures and humidity, inside and out, take there toll on you skin and lips, so why not treat yourself to some relief.

Lip Balms

Our lip balms are made with a combination of bees wax and shea butter with almond, olive, castor and coconut oils. Available with added essential or fragrance oils.

Lip balm, tube or glass jar

Available in the following flavours

Mint & Lemon balm

Grapefruit & Manderin

Strawberry (fragrance oil)

Face oil

Just a few drops of our face oil is all you need to heal and repair damaged and dry skin. A blend of Jojoba, rosehip and argon oils, with added vitamin E and Geranium essential oil.

Face oil


Hydrolats are the ultimate hydrating face tonic, to be used before the face oil, derived from the manufacturing process of essential oil, the residual water is delicately scented and when misted on the face will lift and refresh even the driest skin.


Available in


(Update March 2021) We have sold out of all our hydrolats with the exception of a few bottles of camomile. We plan to make even more this year to avoid disappointment and we may even add a few more botanicals to the list. We will update you on Facebook and Instagram after the first harvest in June.

From the the summer of 2020 we began to produce our own hydrolats from fresh picked plants, we hope to bring you a wider selection next year. Please visit our Instagram account for some pictures

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