For the environment

We all know that we can do more to help the environment, but its not always that easy to find what you are looking for. So here is a selection of items that we make, links to items that we have found and a few tips on how you can make a difference no matter how small.

Sisal dish cloths

Our most popular household item, handmade from sisal, which is said to have antibacterial properties, these cloths are designed to replace the nylon and sponge scrubbers that seem to fester in everyone's kitchen.

Hand crocheted with a handy loop to hang the cloth over the tap to dry out between uses thus slowing down the growth of bacteria. The cloths can also be popped in a pan of boiling water for a few minutes for a refresh and when their time comes they can be added to the compost pile to return to the earth they came from.

Crocheted exfoliating clothes

Our hand crocheted exfoliating clothes are double sided pockets, one side is made from sisal to help exfoliate the body, whilst the other is made from cotton, gentle enough for the face or other sensitive areas. Get rid of all those nasty nylon body puffs and treat yourself to an environmentally and body friendly alternative.



There is an ongoing debate about which is most environmentally friendly, washing up by hand or using a dishwasher, so we do both 🙂 Here's an article that I published on the blog on how to make your own dishwasher tablets:


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