Gift sets

If you want to make two people happy with a single act then give someone a gift. Whether its to say thankyou, to celebrate or console, we offer a wide selection of unique gifts that can be made to fit any budget and personalised to your preference.

Starting with a simple  combination of products wrapped together  to a wide selection of products presented in a hand crafted wooden bowl from local craftsmen at Drewniana Finezja  We make saying thankyou, I love you or sorry, a lot easier.

We also supply bespoke solutions for weddings; presents for the bridesmaids, best man, ushers and guests.

And if you would like a limited edition soap made for your club or organisation, with branded packaging or embossed soaps with your own logo or emblem, then we can help.



We believe in slow shopping (what's your rush?) so if you would like to know more, or purchase some of our many products then please use our contact form. You can also download our latest price list, which includes contact details. We would love to hear from you!