Bath bombs

There is nothing better than relaxing in a hot bath, except relaxing in a hot bath with a bath bomb in it.

A clever combination of bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, potato flour, grapeseed oil and a variety of essential oils and decorative ingredients. Your bath will be transformed into a stress busting, muscle relaxing oasis of loveliness. Beware the children though, if they find them they wont last long, the alchemy as the bath bomb hits the water is too much to resist.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs, available in the following combinations:

Green Tea



Orange and Linseed

Camomile and Citronelle

Milk and Vanilla

Crocheted exfoliating clothes

Our hand crocheted exfoliating clothes are double sided pockets, one side is made from sisal to help exfoliate the body, whilst the other is made from cotton, gentle enough for the face or other sensitive areas. Get rid of all those nasty nylon body puffs and treat yourself to an environmentally and body friendly alternative.


Don’t forget the soap!

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