Chicken soup! It must be Sunday

Now I’ve never been that religious, nor had any real tendencies to become so, but I have to agree with one of the by-products of the religious order; and that is the rule that says you should not work on a Sunday. I whole heartedly agree that a day of rest is required and it should be celebrated with a feast of food starting with a serving of chicken soup.  The same chicken soup that I was weaned on as a child by my mother; that was lovingly reproduced by my sisters as I grew up and is now created by Gosias mother every Sunday without fail.

Not only does Chicken soup signify the day of rest, it can also cure coughs, colds, fevers, hangovers, depression and hunger, and if it proceeds a Sunday lunch it sharpens the appetite and aides sleep in the form of an afternoon nap once your plate is clean.

What’s the point to this post; I don’t know; I just wanted to show my appreciation of chicken soup Smile

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