Piec off!… then on again, then off again, then on……..

It’s the moment you have all being waiting for, the highlight of the month (as long as I post it on time) the pinnacle of my blog so far, the post that will push my readership up to at least three if not four.You will notice how I have built up the tension, mentioned the […]

Windows 16

I thought I would try and get ahead of Microsoft and announce the release  of Windows 16, that is we had 16 windows installed yesterday and what a difference it makes. However as you would expect from any new release there are problems, notably with the picture! The light, the perspective, the depth of field […]

Not a bad week at all

Back from our mini break on Wednesday it was hard to get back into the swing of things, so we decided to do a spot of gardening; a bit of strimming, a bit of digging, pulling out some old roots with the tractor, chopping down a few dead or unwanted trees….all very relaxing. Then our […]

Well it’s finished

That is we have completed the second coat of lime render on all four walls, ready for the windows and doors to be installed in the coming weeks so we can face the winter ahead. And just in time it seems as the ground was covered in a lovely white frost this morning,     –2 overnight. […]

Time and temperature

Another marathon slog for the rain god as we experienced another 18 hours of pretty constant rain, at least the main of it was on Sunday so it didn’t interrupt work, and it made the Sunday lunch at Steve and Dorotas that much more enjoyable as we tucked into leg number three of eight from […]

One wall left

Despite the wind and rain over the last couple of days we have pushed ahead and completed the second coat of lime on all but the East wall. This was the last wall to get the clay plaster and it finally dried out yesterday, so the first lime (stipple coat) went on last thing yesterday, […]

Surgical gloves

Make sure you have a ready supply, you will be glad of them as your hands crack and develop burns and sores; lime is not as nice as it looks! All innocent and white, light and powdery. Don’t be fooled, it burns, burns, burns. That said the render is going on fast with Chris (our […]

First lime coat almost finished

Other than the East wall, which still needs to completely dry out, the first ‘stipple coat’ of lime is on; using a three to one mix of a very course or sharp sand and normal builders lime, which we soaked in a bath of water overnight. More to keep the dust down than anything, but […]

What a difference a day makes

I should have posted yesterday to mark the milestone! After more than three weeks, about 600 man hours , 10 tonnes of sand, 4 tonnes of clay and a big pile of chopped straw ( a very big pile); the clay plaster coat was completed. Time for celebration? Well not quite just yet, as we finished the […]

Rain stopped play

Early finish today as the longest drought in 200 years ( or since records began) finally broke; or maybe its just a passing cloud. After eventually getting to the last wall for clay plastering the end is in sight and spirits are high; so an early finish when the rain arrived seemed like a good […]

The story so far

A quick and easy way to find out how we got to where we are and what we are doing to get there. www.winkos.co.uk or you could take a look at the page Before the Blog which I’m updating all the time whilst I port my website over. Of course I should be updating the […]

Just testing

Just setting up the blog on the off-chance that I have the time and inclination to post anything. The house is coming on slowly, we are still putting on the clay mix (3 parts sand, 1 part clay, 1 part chopped straw) two weeks after starting; ten hours a day. We are getting close to […]